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I’m a teacher living in Osona, Spain. I'm into tennis, dogs, and chickens. I’m also interested in translation and Moodle (well, digital tools for teaching, in general).

How to be rude

Cross-cultural awareness is an important field of study nowadays, particularly in training of specialists for international trade. Obvious differences (currency, tipping, driving on the left, bank opening hours) are fairly simple to get used to. Some other differences are more … Continue reading

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Writing in a second language

The recent award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Kazuo Ishiguro, one of my favourite authors, set me thinking about the number of first-rank authors who write in a language that is not their first. The list is long. … Continue reading

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La prueba de Bechdel

Este año la ceremonia de los Oscar (4 de marzo) y el Día Internacional de la Mujer (8 de marzo) casi coinciden, en un ambiente enrarecido y reivindicativo, y en el cual las dos efemérides se combinan como nunca. Los … Continue reading

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You’ve just got to love contronyms: words that also mean their opposite. For example, “to sanction”, which can mean both to approve an action and to impose a penalty for an action. Now, if you were designing a new language, … Continue reading

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El mundo anglosajón

¿Hay expresiones que te irritan? Seguramente, sí. Una de las expresiones que me fastidia es el mundo anglosajón (o la variante países anglosajones). Lo explico. Primero, hay que decir que la expresión es totalmente correcta. El Diccionario de la lengua española … Continue reading

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