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The pandemic has had many tragic consequences but it has also led to some successful innovation. One significant change has been the reorganisation of  meetings, focus groups, seminars and conferences. Few wanted to go online but needs must, as they say. In this new context, many group activities have had to be reconvened online or they would have had to be cancelled.

There is loss involved in this process. Most of us miss the warmth of human contact, the excursions and trips, the social side of events, the opportunity for impromptu exchanges. But there are also advantages: no need for travel, no need to pack, no need for hotels, no need to use foreign machines and strange wi-fi networks, no need to spend, etc.

Because online events are much cheaper to organise there has also been an increase in the number of open, free or really cheap activities that anybody can sign up for. The translation and language sector is no different in this regard and at Tradiling we are happy to publicise any events that could be of interest to our readers.

One organisation that has taken a step forward in the translation field is Multilingual magazine. They have been holding a series of online panel discussions of great interest since August. Go to their web site to see recordings of past sessions and sign up.

The final webinar in the current season is scheduled for 5th November:

Let’s Talk About Female Gender Bias

“It’s important to understand we all have conscious and unconscious biases. This discussion will delve into the female gender bias with an all-male panel. We can only learn about ourselves and seek improvement when we can see different perspectives from different people and different cultures.”

Congratulations to Multilingual on a great initiative, which we hope will be continued.

And to all Tradiling readers we have the following request. If you know of other open online translation and language events, please tell us about them and we will be happy to post details here.

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