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Adjunct professor of interpreting and translation, UVic-UCC. Doctoral research at King's College, London, in the field of interpreting. I have been teaching Interpreting, language and intercultural communication for over 20 years.

How climate change is impacting language globally

Are you currently experiencing solastalgia and perhaps a little morbique? It would be more than understandable if you are, even if you may be perplexed by the vocabulary that is currently emerging in relation to climate change. Solastalgia is a … Continue reading

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A translanguaging space for interpreting trainees

When I discussed translanguaging in Tradiling recently, I left some questions hanging about the implications of this notion for interpreting training contexts. I am glad to have the opportunity to take up this issue again here. A translanguaging approach to  … Continue reading

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Our superdiverse, translingual world

I am an example of what the academic world refers to now as superdiversity, and in my everyday life I am also a member of the translanguaging community, but I am not special in any way. In fact, I am … Continue reading

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