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I’m a teacher living in Osona, Spain. I'm into tennis, dogs, and chickens. I’m also interested in translation and Moodle (well, digital tools for teaching, in general).

Bloguear sin sufrir

“No tengo tiempo” es la peor excusa para no bloguear. Sin embargo, lo oigo a menudo de colegas académicos. A veces me preguntan “¿Cómo puedes escribir tantos documentos y mensajes, dar clase, asesorar a estudiantes, dedicarte a tu familia y … Continue reading

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Recursos abiertos para la divulgación del conocimiento

Nuestro amigo Javier Leiva ha estado muy activo estos últimos días. Por suerte nuestra, ha compartido sus experiencias en Twitter (@javierleiva) y aquí hacemos eco de lo expuesto. Hoy hemos seleccionado una de sus presentaciones, de gran interés para la … Continue reading

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I didn’t use(d) to worry about these things

In a sentence like the one in the title, which is correct,”use” or “used”? The answer is that both are correct, but not everybody agrees about this. Going into more detail, let me start by quoting some authorities. I have selected … Continue reading

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When language can be murder

As a young man, Sydney Silverman spent three years in jail doing hard labour as a result of his conscientious objection to fighting in the First World War. The 8th October is the anniversary of the birth of this radical … Continue reading

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Is there a translator in the house?

Before the summer holidays the result of the Translator Wanted 2018 competition was announced. As in previous years there was a lot of food-based hilarity. You can browse through all the 2018 entries on this Wakelet board. Congratulations to all the … Continue reading

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