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Favourite selections

Today’s post is the first of an occasional series that Tradiling readers can contribute to: Favourite selections. The idea of favourite selections is not original. Books of quotations, anthologies of music, tourist guides, they are all based on the same … Sigue leyendo

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Donald Trump’s John Hancock

The start of July is noteworthy, among other things, for a cluster of national liberation anniversaries around the world: 1 July: Canada Day 3 July: Independence Day in Belarus 4 July: Independence Day in the USA 6 July: Independence Day … Sigue leyendo

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The Oxford comma

What is the Oxford comma and should you use it? The Oxford comma (also known as Harvard comma or serial comma) is a style of punctuation that involves separating the last two items in a list with a comma followed … Sigue leyendo

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When I was young my father said to me: “Knowledge is Power….Francis Bacon”. I understood it as “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon”. For more than a decade I wondered over the meaning of the second part and what was … Sigue leyendo

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KISS is a well-known dictum in English about writing clearly. This involves using a direct style, addressing the reader, with active verbs, personal subjects, unambiguous vocabulary, common words and short sentences. Adopting a simple style is considered a priority in … Sigue leyendo

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