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Microrrelatos curso 2021/2022

Este semestre, en el Grado en Traducción, Interpretación y Lenguas Aplicadas, una de las tareas propuestas en la asignatura Lengua A IV (Español) ha sido la creación de un microrrelato a partir de una serie de títulos sugeridos por las … Continue reading

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Is language in decline?

Recently a student told me that he did not know the expressions agua de borrajas and vísteme despacio, que tengo prisa. Or maybe he had heard them but didn’t know what they meant. He went on to say that “desgraciadamente … Continue reading

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NFT, vax, perseverance, strollout, vaccine

What do these words have in common? They are the English words of the year 2021, as chosen by lexicographers and users of various eminent anglosphere dictionaries. NFT NFT is the Collins Dictionary word of the year 2021. NFT, the … Continue reading

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Use of indigenous words rather than foreign loanwords, or vice versa, is a matter of personal preference. Both may have their attractions. The use of  “hoard” rather than “collection”, or “make it up” rather than “invent”, reaffirms the writer’s Anglo-Germanic … Continue reading

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Arts or sciences?

The long-running debate about the relative value of the arts and sciences, or the humanities and the sciences, received an unexpected contribution last week. Apparently – I do not read the magazine so I can only infer this from the … Continue reading

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