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Groundhog Day

31 January saw the UK finally leave the EU, at least in principle, which some people feel is a kind of watershed event. 2 February was Groundhog Day, the day that people in North America study the behaviour of a … Sigue leyendo

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Word of the year 2019

Once again the month of December brings us a selection of words of the year. This time Tradiling is focusing on English. Here are a few of the awards that have been announced so far. climate emergency This is the … Sigue leyendo

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La metàtesi lingüística fa referència a la transposició de sons a l’interior d’una paraula. De vegades, totes dues formes resultants de la paraula es troben al diccionari: àguila, àliga (ocell rapinyaire) xicalla, quitxalla (conjunt de nois o noies) egua, euga … Sigue leyendo

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Fun with back translation

Reverse translation refers to translating out of your native language into a foreign language, an activity that many interpreters do but not many professional translators. An excellent active knowledge of the foreign language is required, no doubt. Professional interpreters do … Sigue leyendo

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Favourite selections

Today’s post is the first of an occasional series that Tradiling readers can contribute to: Favourite selections. The idea of favourite selections is not original. Books of quotations, anthologies of music, tourist guides, they are all based on the same … Sigue leyendo

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