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Trumpslation. The untranslatable Mr Trump

An Italian interpreter takes consecutive notes from Mr Trump (October 2019) It would be remiss of us to let the pre-eminent moment of Donald J. Trump pass (presuming that it does pass) without a brief look back on some of … Continue reading

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¿Por qué decir las cosas de forma clara, con pocas palabras de uso frecuente? Una alternativa es decir las cosas de manera rocambolesca, complicada y con palabras raras. En Tradiling ya vamos haciendo camino para recoger y difundir joyas estrafalarias … Continue reading

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Our superdiverse, translingual world

I am an example of what the academic world refers to now as superdiversity, and in my everyday life I am also a member of the translanguaging community, but I am not special in any way. In fact, I am … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

31 January saw the UK finally leave the EU, at least in principle, which some people feel is a kind of watershed event. 2 February was Groundhog Day, the day that people in North America study the behaviour of a … Continue reading

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Word of the year 2019

Once again the month of December brings us a selection of words of the year. This time Tradiling is focusing on English. Here are a few of the awards that have been announced so far. climate emergency This is the … Continue reading

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