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El mundo anglosajón

¿Hay expresiones que te irritan? Seguramente, sí. Una de las expresiones que me fastidia es el mundo anglosajón (o la variante países anglosajones). Lo explico. Primero, hay que decir que la expresión es totalmente correcta. El Diccionario de la lengua española … Continue reading

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What’s your word of the year 2017?

北 It’s the end of the year and as usual various authorities will be announcing their “word of the year”. In fact, it’s already started. One of the large English dictionaries, Merriam-Webster, has just announced its choice. They have gone for … Continue reading

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My life as an hermaphrodite

I recently read a novel with this curious title.  You may be thinking, as I did, why “an hermaphrodite”? Why not “a hermaphrodite? These questions lead to a more general inquiry. When is an initial “h” pronounced in English? If you are … Continue reading

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Reunió o sessió?

Quina expressió faries servir, convocatòria de reunió o convocatòria de sessió? Doncs, si penses com jo, difícilment voldràs invertir temps en un tema com aquest. Però d’altres sí es preocupen per aquest tema. Es tracta del Consorci per a la … Continue reading

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IATE Term of the Week: fake news

For some time now the Terminology Coordination Service of the European Parliament, IATE, has been featuring a weekly item. A recent item was fake news, selected as Word of the Year (WOTY) by the Australian Macquarie dictionary, from among many other … Continue reading

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