Online resources for stage translation

TheatreThe following sites provide free access to resources that can be useful for both practitioners and researchers. Comments and updates are most welcome!

Asymptote is an international journal of literary translation. It includes a section on drama that features original plays in any language and their English translations.

In Translation was created to provide a central database of Spanish to English theatre translations by gathering diffuse and often difficult-to-find information on translators and their translations. The site features several translated plays that can be downloaded in their entirety, as well as information on where to find other works in translation. It also includes a listing of literary translators specialising in drama and a page of resources and related sites.

InTranslation is also the name of a section at The Brooklyn Rail, which features unpublished translations of dramatic writing, as well as fiction, non-fiction and poetry in all languages. InTranslation is a venue for outstanding work in translation and a resource for translators, authors, editors, and publishers.

Out of the Wings: Spanish and Spanish-American Theatre in English Translation. A contextualised resource of Spanish-language plays for English-speaking practitioners and researchers. The site contains details of plays written in Spanish in different periods and countries, as well as information about their authors, sample translations into English, synopses, performance histories and many other resources. contains information about contemporary drama organisations, theatres and projects around Europe. There is a search engine for plays and translations.

Eva Espasa

About Eva Espasa

Eva Espasa, Ph.D. in English Philology (University of Barcelona), is a Senior Lecturer at the Universitat de Vic (Catalonia/Spain), where she teaches audio-visual translation, translation for advertising, and scientific and technical translation at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her main research interests are audiovisual translation, stage translation, translation training and gender studies.
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