RWS Campus. Building on Trados / SDL training

Headline news in, 2020

In November 2020 RWS completed its acquisition of SDL, creating one of the largest language services and technology providers in the world. The Trados family of translation productivity tools has long been a leader in the assisted translation sector, and is continuing strongly under the new corporate branding.

The language technology sector has shown spectacular year on year growth for many years now and this dynamic progress has led to a series of large-scale acquisitions and mergers, as well as numerous start-ups. The state of flux shows no signs of abating as transcription, translation, post-editing, quality control, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, mobile applications, embedded services, etc., continue to create new opportunities and open up horizons in the sector. At Tradiling we look forward to exploring some of the recent developments in the sector in future articles.

A previous acquisition, 2005

Meanwhile current dynamic growth of the sector is creating new professional pathways and specialisations for language and translation experts. For this reason we are posting this article on the upcoming RWS open event for students and teachers who wish to learn more about their products and services. RWS is reaching out to the academic community, both teachers and students, to explore pathways into the localisation profession using their tools and platforms. In the words of their mailing,

This year we have merged the old Trados Academic Program and the SDL Campus into the new RWS Campus. We now provide a more comprehensive range of support for language and translation courses in the form of our Trados technology and internship placements.

Full details in the Events calendar (on the right).

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