Technology tools for interpreters (survey)

Within the INTELITERM project (grant no. FFI2012-38881, MEC, 2012- 2015), a survey is being conducted about technology tools for interpreters.

Our main goal is to gather information to better ascertain interpreters’ technology awareness and needs in order to design new tools and improve existing ones.

We would greatly appreciate if you could fill out our online survey. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes. All of your information and responses will remain anonymous.


Gloria Corpas, from Universidad de Málaga

Eva Espasa

About Eva Espasa

Eva Espasa, Ph.D. in English Philology (University of Barcelona), is a Senior Lecturer at the Universitat de Vic (Catalonia/Spain), where she teaches audio-visual translation, translation for advertising, and scientific and technical translation at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her main research interests are audiovisual translation, stage translation, translation training and gender studies.
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