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About Gisela Granena

I am a lecturer at the Centre for Modern Languages at the UOC. I hold a PhD in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Maryland (USA), an MA in Intercultural Communication from the same university, and a Postgraduate degree in teaching English as a foreign language from the University of Barcelona. My areas of expertise include language acquisition, cognitive psychology and measurement/statistics. I have published research on individual cognitive differences in both instructed and naturalistic SLA contexts; aptitude-treatment interactions; task-based language teaching (TBLT); measures of implicit and explicit language knowledge, and the effects of early and late bilingualism on long-term L2 achievement.

Growing up with languages

There are increasingly more language schools offering language classes for children starting as early as ages 2 and 3. The school system has also increasingly advanced the starting age of foreign language learning (from ages 11-12 to 7-8 and even … Continue reading

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