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Has the Babel fish arrived?

Some older Tradiling readers may remember the Babel fish. Among other incarnations,  it was the name of the first automatic web translation service, launched in 1997 by Altavista, a popular web search engine (1 BG: 1 year before Google), and … Continue reading

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De intérprete a ponente: la otra cara de la moneda

El pasado 28 de julio el Colegio Mexicano de Intérpretes de Conferencias (CMIC), en el marco de su Convención Nacional de Intérpretes, me invitó a exponer un compendio de mi investigación doctoral, aún en curso. Me sentí muy halagada por … Continue reading

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Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies International Summer School

Take 2! We published this item in March last year but the initiative was cancelled because  of the Covid-19 health crisis. Cancelled? Not exactly. The Cognitive Translation and Interpreting Studies International Summer School has been reconvened online for 14 – … Continue reading

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Sergio Viaggio

Sergio Viaggio (24 August 1945 – 29 March 2021), honorary lecturer at UVic-UCC, has succumbed to Covid-19 in Buenos Aires. Tradiling is pleased to publish this personal appreciation of Sergio, written by Martha Tennent, the founding dean of translation studies … Continue reading

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Trumpslation. The untranslatable Mr Trump

An Italian interpreter takes consecutive notes from Mr Trump (October 2019) It would be remiss of us to let the pre-eminent moment of Donald J. Trump pass (presuming that it does pass) without a brief look back on some of … Continue reading

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