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Online symposium newbies. Internationalisation and Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: Quality and Innovation 

It was way out of our comfort zone but we got through our first online symposium on 4th and 5th March with relatively few hiccoughs. I am a member of the organising committee so hardly impartial, but it was great … Continue reading

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Reivindicando “Lost women translators”

Resurgent interest in women’s writing has led to discoveries of and further research on women translators; and since in many historical periods women were restricted to translation a considerable number of ‘lost’ women translators have been uncovered. (Flotow 1997: 66) … Continue reading

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Translators in the spotlight

The invisibility of the translator is a commonplace. The profession is notoriously lacking in glamour and recognition. But on occasion translators are put in the spotlight and theirs can become a dangerous profession: not because of excellent work or tireless … Continue reading

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¿Está el acuerdo comercial de Brexit plagiado?

El acuerdo se firmó entre las dos partes el 24 de diciembre y se aprobó en la Cámara Baja del Parlamento de Westminster el dia 30, un día después de su aprobación provisional por los 27 paises miembros de la … Continue reading

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Juneteenth, a portmanteau word derived from “June nineteenth”, is the anniversary of the proclamation in Texas on 19 June 1865 that freed the last slaves in the USA at the close of the Civil War. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 … Continue reading

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