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I’m a teacher living in Osona, Spain. I'm into tennis, dogs, and chickens. I’m also interested in translation and Moodle (well, digital tools for teaching, in general).

Language equality in the digital age (EU survey)

We are happy to pass on this EU survey, which we were learnt of through APTIC. European Language Equality (ELE) is a large-scale EU-funded pilot action whose primary goal is the preparation of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and … Continue reading

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Leaning into the new academic year

Do you use the expression “lean in[to] [something]”? Do you know what it means? I have noticed this expression become more common in English over the past few years. I find this intriguing since the creation of a new phrasal … Continue reading

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Arts or sciences?

The long-running debate about the relative value of the arts and sciences, or the humanities and the sciences, received an unexpected contribution last week. Apparently – I do not read the magazine so I can only infer this from the … Continue reading

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Forty lost years

Peter Bush continues his output of translations of significant Catalan novels into English  with the translation of Quaranta anys perduts (Rosa Maria Arquimbau, 1971), which is published tomorrow by Fum d’Estampa.  From the publisher’s catalogue, we read: Published for the … Continue reading

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Final de curs

El final de curs acadèmic és un bon moment per mirar cap endavant i cap enrere. El canvi de rutines ens fa prestar atenció al viatge de la vida i l’escenari canviant. Amb el pas dels anys, acumulo records i … Continue reading

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