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Terminology for translators

Tradiling has frequently had occasion to refer to the translator’s friend, the Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE) database. Here are links to our previous articles: 06.10.2014, 10.05.2017, 02.10.2017, 12.11.2018. Next week, IATE fans and inquisitive minds can get an update on IATE … Continue reading

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WIPO Pearl

This is a guest article by Jost Zetzsche. (See the end of the article.) Years ago I rather briefly mentioned the impressive terminology repository WIPO Pearl,but after meeting Geoff Westgate of WIPO recently, I was once again reminded that it might be one … Continue reading

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El color de la traducció

Aquesta és la primera de les tres pàgines de bibliografia que Marià Manent afegeix al final de les seves “interpretacions” de poesia xinesa al castellà que publica el 1942 sota el títol El color de la vida. Durant gran part … Continue reading

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International grievances

A whole host of things can go wrong in a translation project. Translators accept that occasional mistakes are hard to avoid and hope they go undetected. After all, if nobody notices, who is to say that a mistake has been … Continue reading

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Les dictionnaires adoptent de nouveaux mots

Une grand-mère dit à sa petite fille: ” Si tu me donnes un “schmutz” (un baiser), je te donne un “bredele” (gâteau alsacien) “. Ce dialogue est-il entendu dans l’Alsace profonde où le “globish” (anglais au vocabulaire limité) n’est pas … Continue reading

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