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Has the Babel fish arrived?

Some older Tradiling readers may remember the Babel fish. Among other incarnations,  it was the name of the first automatic web translation service, launched in 1997 by Altavista, a popular web search engine (1 BG: 1 year before Google), and … Continue reading

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RWS Campus. Building on Trados / SDL training

In November 2020 RWS completed its acquisition of SDL, creating one of the largest language services and technology providers in the world. The Trados family of translation productivity tools has long been a leader in the assisted translation sector, and … Continue reading

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Language equality in the digital age (EU survey)

We are happy to pass on this EU survey, which we were learnt of through APTIC. European Language Equality (ELE) is a large-scale EU-funded pilot action whose primary goal is the preparation of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and … Continue reading

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Translation capsules. Online conversations

Yesterday saw the last in the current series of open online discussions, this time with Josh Goldsmith and Maria Perramon, who had a fascinating exchange about Interpreting and Technology. What is Does automatic live transcription work? For all languages? … Continue reading

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Nuevo curso universitario: ¡No más Zoom, por favor!

La metáfora del aprendizaje como producto de una transmisión todavía determina una manera habitual de entender los procesos formativos. Por parte del público en general, pero también en entornos universitarios. Así, sigue vigente la imagen del docente que transmite conocimientos … Continue reading

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