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The other day I was involved in an online discussion in which one of the participants wrote that we were bikeshedding. I was unfamiliar with the expression so I looked it up. It means wasting time on details while not … Continue reading

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Docència universitària amb perspectiva de gènere

La Xarxa Vives d’universitats acaba de publicar una sèrie d’11 guies de diferents disciplines per ajudar a la revisió de les assignatures des de la perspectiva de gènere. La idea és donar múltiples recursos al professorat universitari per poder atendre millor la … Continue reading

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El passat 16 de novembre vàrem compartir les primeres seleccions en anglès de paraula de l’any 2018, i avui aprofitem el canvi d’any per fer balanç a les altres llengües de treball de Tradiling. En el cas català, l’Observatori de … Continue reading

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2018. A toxic single-use year?

Yesterday Oxford Dictionaries announced their Word of the Year 2018: “toxic”. They said that there had been a 45% rise in the number of times the word has been looked up on its website, and that it best captured “the … Continue reading

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New online terminology?

Today we should be celebrating the arrival of the latest version of the Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE), the online terminology database of the European Union. The announcement of a new version has created a lot of excitement, perhaps too much. … Continue reading

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