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Andreu Febrer translation prize winners 2021

Lydia Brugué and Auba Llompart Coordinators of the Andreu Febrer Translation Prize

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Las cañas de Díaz Ayuso

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, a la derecha, tomando una caña en un bar de Madrid en octubre de 2020. FB Los resultados de las recientes elecciones a la Asamblea de Madrid han sido analizados desde perspectivas muy diversas y se han … Continue reading

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Sergio Viaggio

Sergio Viaggio (24 August 1945 – 29 March 2021), honorary lecturer at UVic-UCC, has succumbed to Covid-19 in Buenos Aires. Tradiling is pleased to publish this personal appreciation of Sergio, written by Martha Tennent, the founding dean of translation studies … Continue reading

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Reivindicando “Lost women translators”

Resurgent interest in women’s writing has led to discoveries of and further research on women translators; and since in many historical periods women were restricted to translation a considerable number of ‘lost’ women translators have been uncovered. (Flotow 1997: 66) … Continue reading

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malarkey, icon, mamba, defund,…

What do these words have in common? They have all been buzzwords in 2020. According to Merriam-Webster, the well-known American English dictionary, these words were among the most popular look-ups during 2020: malarkey, meaning silly behaviour, was used by Joe … Continue reading

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