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A critical period to learn a second language?

Research findings on the critical period may influence educational policy and practice. Over recent years, many Catalan primary schools have lowered the starting age of foreign language learning and start teaching English in early childhood education (1). However, making pedagogical … Sigue leyendo

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Bloguear sin sufrir

“No tengo tiempo” es la peor excusa para no bloguear. Sin embargo, lo oigo a menudo de colegas académicos. A veces me preguntan “¿Cómo puedes escribir tantos documentos y mensajes, dar clase, asesorar a estudiantes, dedicarte a tu familia y … Sigue leyendo

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I didn’t use(d) to worry about these things

In a sentence like the one in the title, which is correct,”use” or “used”? The answer is that both are correct, but not everybody agrees about this. Going into more detail, let me start by quoting some authorities. I have selected … Sigue leyendo

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Writing in a second language

The recent award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Kazuo Ishiguro, one of my favourite authors, set me thinking about the number of first-rank authors who write in a language that is not their first. The list is long. … Sigue leyendo

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Com no fomentar l’aprenentatge de llengües estrangeres

És a bastament conegut que per desenvolupar una carrera professional basada en estudis universitaris de grau el coneixement actiu d’una llengua estrangera, generalment l’anglès, és -si més no- un avantatge. També sabem que aquesta destresa és l’eterna assignatura pendent del … Sigue leyendo

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