Translating as (re)writing

On 16 November we were privileged to have Ronald Puppo host Peter Bush in the second of our current series of online conversations with translation experts, Cápsulas de traducción.

Ron led us through some of the highlights of Peter’s long and distinguished career, with engaging commentary from our guest translator himself.

  • What was Peter’s first published literary translation?
  • Which translations would he like to have another go at?
  • Who has he never translated but would like to?
  • Should writers in English use the historic present?
  • Which of his translations have parallelisms?
  • What kind of new angles was Peter able to introduce in his translation of La Celestina?
  • The list goes on.

If you would like to hear answers to these questions and others, take time out to watch our recording of their conversation.

Tradiling takes this opportunity to congratulate Ronald Puppo on his recent distinction as recipient of the Premi Internacional Ramon Llull de traducció literària 2021.

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