New year’s resolutions

The turn of the year is a time when many try to turn over a new leaf, usually to abandon a bad habit, like smoking or nail-biting, but also to acquire a positive habit, like reading more or taking more exercise. As translators we can do the same in our professional field. For instance, new year is a good time to catch up on specialised journals. We have discussed this in Tradiling before. At year’s end many journals bring out a new issue. Close to home, Tradumàtica No. 14 has just come out, this time focusing on translation for mobile devices.

Personally, I’ve decided to do more translation work on the Memsource and MateCat platforms. Very different products, but both interesting in their own way. And I’m going to read more about neural machine translation. Among other things.

What about you?

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Finaliza el MOOC Subtitular en línea

mooc-subtitularEl MOOC Subtitular en línea, de la UVic-UCC, que se ha impartido en la plataforma Miríada X y de cuyo inicio informábamos hace unas semanas, llega a su fin. Los estudiantes que lo han cursado han podido aprender los fundamentos de la subtitulación y han trabajado con material digital en el entorno en línea Amara, tanto desde la perspectiva de subtitular vídeos de YouTube como participando en un proyecto de voluntariado vinculado a vídeos culturales o educativos.

En Tradiling nos gustaría ofrecer un espacio para divulgar los vídeos que se han subtitulado. Por lo tanto, las personas que lo deseen pueden publicar sus trabajos añadiendo un comentario a este artículo.

¡Mientras tanto, ya estamos pensando en la segunda edición del curso!

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An obsession with English

Artwork from the Keep Calm-o-matic website

Artwork from KEEP CALM-O-MATIC

It has become increasingly common in Catalonia, as part of our international outlook, to include messages in English in corporate discourse. In some cases English has even displaced Spanish and Catalan completely, becoming the sole language for marketing of the organisation concerned. Take, for example, these business and research-oriented Catalan enterprises with websites exclusively in English: Sequentia, Barcinno. These organisations have gone the whole hog. Their use of English is not complementary to messages in other languages. It is the medium and the message, take it or leave it. Similarly, truly international events such as the Mobile World Congress have a web page only in English, even though the event takes place in Barcelona. Continue reading

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La Carme Sanmartí s’ha jubilat!

Carme Sanmartí

Carme Sanmartí

L’estiu de l’any 2016 es va jubilar Carme Sanmartí després de més de 20 anys treballant com a professora a la UVic-UCC, on també ha desplegat diverses tasques de gestió. Ha sigut una desconnexió gradual, amb molts moments emotius i memorables, entre la seva lliçó de jubilació i diverses celebracions.

Tradiling no vol ser menys. En aquest article compartim la gravació d’una conversa de 10 minuts que vaig fer amb la Carme el passat 21 de desembre.

Esperem que sigui d’interès i serveixi de bon record de la nostra estimada companya.

Carme, et desitgem una excel·lent jubilació i esperem veure’t per Vic amb una certa freqüència.

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Bones festes!

Immacolata Palmi

Statua di Maria Santissima Immacolata

In a secular society, if like me you are not much of a believer, religious holidays can be curious occasions. In Spain people do not waste much time wondering about this kind of thing. “Just be glad it’s a holiday and enjoy yourself” seems to be the general attitude. In fact, many people will quite happily take a day off even though they have little idea what’s being celebrated.

Let me give you a couple of examples. La Segunda Pascua is often a holiday in Spain and so is La Inmaculada. But what is being celebrated on these days? Do you know? Why have a second Easter? (Was the first one not good enough?) What does immaculate mean anyway? And who was immaculate? (Answers at the foot of this text.)

If you enjoy such holidays, but have no idea what is being celebrated, then count yourself an ignorant party animal, with all due respect! Continue reading

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