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Looking back and on. Feeling disoriented

These are my notes for a short presentation at the event marking 25 years of translation in Vic. I was invited to reflect on changes in teaching over my time. To begin with, let me pose you a problem. You … Continue reading

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25 anys de traducció a Vic

Aquest curs acadèmic es commemoren els 25 anys dels estudis de Traducció i Interpretació a Vic. S’està preparant una celebració per al divendres 17 de maig a partir de les 17:00 h. L’acte tindrà un triple enfocament: acadèmic, professional i … Continue reading

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The other day I was involved in an online discussion in which one of the participants wrote that we were bikeshedding. I was unfamiliar with the expression so I looked it up. It means wasting time on details while not … Continue reading

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When language can be murder

As a young man, Sydney Silverman spent three years in jail doing hard labour as a result of his conscientious objection to fighting in the First World War. The 8th October is the anniversary of the birth of this radical … Continue reading

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La prueba de Bechdel

Este año la ceremonia de los Oscar (4 de marzo) y el Día Internacional de la Mujer (8 de marzo) casi coinciden, en un ambiente enrarecido y reivindicativo, y en el cual las dos efemérides se combinan como nunca. Los … Continue reading

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